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Bespoke cards for smartasses

(bih spohk)  adj.      

1) "custom or custom-made, made-to-order of goods, as distinguished from ready-made  

2) a term employed to describe a high degree of customization, and the involvement of the client, in the production of the item

EB (oRiginals) - tired of the normal and boring. we offend and don't care. when you want a unique one-of-a-kind card that could only come from you.

aBouT us

more than you need to know

we're probably not like most greeting card companies. we don't have a card for every occasion and probably never will.                                                                                           and, in the interest of full disclosure…  


we are not nice. or quiet. nor are we politically, socially, or morally correct. we don't do generic (don't know how). we're not for everybody; most won't get us. that's okay - we're not fond of most!

history (not only 'his' - it took two idiots to do this tango) ●this was never our intention, but ta-da! our ‘real’ careers being in the theatre, we've done our time 'on the road'. much was “pre-internet” (couldn’t guess by looking at us), but well after smoke signaling went up in – uh… smoke. our ties to family and friends being paramount, we’ve searched for, and sent countless cards & letters (postcards? phooey!) from thirty-nine states & over sixty countries. ●rarely did a card we pictured equal the one we purchased; that is, not until our ‘alterations’ were complete. when able to send someone a ‘clean’ card, we were ecstatic; they felt slighted and said so – in no uncertain terms. with that ‘squeal of approval’, we began creating cards and all; for personal use. then, for a few others – a few hundred holiday cards there, a few broadway opening nights leading to television and film

soMe exaMples of the kind of items we've made in the past

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